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Discover the Power of Image Geotagger: Easily Add Geolocation Metadata to Your Photos

Are you trying to find an easy way to add accurate geolocation data to your photos? You only need to look at Image Geotagger, an easy-to-use program that makes geotagging your photos less complicated. You can easily add longitude and latitude information to your photos using Image Geotagger. You can upload JPG and JPEG images directly or provide URLs for remote images. The best part is that Image Geotagger is now free to use, so you can improve your photos without going over budget.

Effortless Geotagging

With Image Geotagger, you can easily incorporate geolocation information into your pictures by providing an image file and longitude and latitude coordinates. With accurate location data, Image Geotagger ensures that every photo you take, whether mapping out your travels, photographing a breathtaking landscape, or capturing special moments, tells a fuller, more thorough story.

Versatile Upload Options

You can upload JPG/JPEG images straight to Image Geotagger or supply URLs for images located remotely. With just a few easy steps, Image Geotagger makes it simple to geotag your photos, regardless of whether they are uploaded online or locally stored on your device. By streamlining the geotagging process using Image Geotagger, you may save time and effort, eliminating the need for complicated software and manual editing.

Data Retention and Privacy

Security and privacy are our top priorities. We don’t gather any personal information about our users. To further guarantee the security of your data, all geotagged photos are automatically deleted after two days. You can confidently geotag your photographs with Image Geotagger, as we value your privacy above everything else.

Free of Cost

Since Image Geotagger is now available for free, anyone, specifically photographers of all skill levels, can use it. You can benefit from Image Geotagger’s robust features without having to make a financial commitment, regardless of your experience as a photographer or your familiarity with EXIF / Image Metadata. With geolocation metadata, you may enhance your images without worrying about additional costs or subscription fees.

Preserve Image Quality

Rest assured, Image Geotagger does not compromise the quality of your images. Our platform ensures that your photos retain their original resolution, clarity, and detail, even after geotagging. Image Geotagger ensures that your photos always appear their best, whether you’re sharing them on the internet, printing them on a wall, or archiving them for later use.

Get Started Today

Are you eager to use this tool? Visit Image Geotagger and experience the convenience of seamless geotagging. Upload your JPG/JPEG images or provide URLs for remote images, add longitude and latitude coordinates, and let Image Geotagger do the rest. Elevate your photography with precise geolocation data.

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